Monday, 11 May 2009

Weekend, late night scrapping :)

Kev, kindly picked these goodies up from the post office for me... the gorgeous new October Afternoon papers... yum. Cherries really are so cute on paper.

And the Martha Stewart strawberry I got from work :) How could you not love them!?

And one of my 200 mini moo cards ... Along with some old sassafras and new OA.

This pic was one of a small few of my time not long after my mum died. I practically live in this pub. This pic was one of a Saturday night bet, George (a dad of one of my friends) took on the bet to wear my sister skirt... I have no idea why. Anyhoo, I snapped a pic. This pic really makes my heart happy, like so many I have. I reminds me of pretty cool times.

Another new OA layout with an old photo... Emily getting her first pair of proper shoes... :) I am so sad that polaroid have quit making film :( It will be a huge reminder to her too when she's older) I am also loving grey!

And mirrors with rub ons on them... and cutting up huge bling swirls to make smaller ones...

And of course Thickers...

This one I did with an old SC kit. See i've been digging out old photos...
I thought including one main fact about my gran as the title was a pretty good idea. And she really did love to sew. After loosing her leg to gangreen (sp! and yuck!) she made soft toys to sell for a disabled childrens charity. She loved sewing and in fact I still have an old tin full of bears eyes and noses.

I am sure that the winter after this photograph was taken she died on Boxing day, in her own bed with my Grandad beside her. I just wish I had known her when I was older. The same with my Grandad too. I have so many photographs of people I have no idea who they are. My Grandads side of the family is a complete mystery and was to us all, as his family disowned him after Gran got pregnant before they were wed; they did marry before David (my mums eldest brother) was born though. We have only a few pictures of his family, or what we think is. I have pictures of his sister as a beautiful ballerina, I am sad that I know very, very little about them.
I know though, that when my sister comes down to stay for some time during the big summer hols, I will be quizzing her on all these pictures. I am hoping that she can give me some answers to things I feel that I need to know.
I also got my new gorgeous Helen Dardik book arrive today :) OMG! Stitch-y, stitch-y heaven :D Here illustrations are just the best... I am planning on trying to complete my cute canvas for the loo with some of her cute drawings. Happy, happy days!

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Tinkerbelle said...

lots of fun, soooo envious xxlolxx love the lo's xxxxx the sewing is scrummy xxx