Wednesday, 20 May 2009

How can one week be so different to the last?

How apt was this weeks Gutter Girlz prompt?? It has just exactly summed up how my week has been and is...! This moo card also summed up how i'm feeling too :)

On a much lighter note... this one. Inspo taken from the lovely Kirtsy Wiseman.... Ben just is saying the most funniest things. Last week was 'Cray-nons'.

How is that possible? That last week breezed by and this week, well... starting on Saturday; it has gone downhill rapidly. I had an awful night at work on Saturday and followed by an unhappy call early on Sunday morning. Grr. Woken early. Not happy :(

It all started to go wrong from there. And that so far has been my week, one which, I would quiet happily erase from my life... which isn't something I really should ever say. The kiddos are pretty full on, work is full on, I have so much to do in the house.... hmmm not at all like last weeks breeze. I seem to have no time to stop. It seems as if someone has taken many hours from my days, even though I know this is not true. I am tired. Why does life have to be so damn stressful?

And the plan to rectify this? There isn't one. After a quick chat with a friend, she summed it up. It's like being a hamster in a wheel. Yes, Constantly running to try and keep on top of stuff. To the outside life looks rosy, how wrong could they be. Yes, I do spend most of my evenings chopping up paper. Thats my sanity. Seriously. I hate it when anything eats into this time. It seems gradually life is eating into my own time :( It is taking a toll on me. I am feeling unmotivated and pretty darn pi***d. Rah. I hate feeling like this. Tonight, I am planning on doing nothing but watch tv, chop up paper and relax. Mucho wine is needed.
Tommorow I will be happier. I promise ;)


Adrienne said...

OOOOOH thanks for gettin' int he gutter with us man!! Great LOs!!!

Glenda T. said...

Llloovvee the paint!! Thanks for rolling in the gutter with us and I totally hear you on paper cutting saving sanity!!

Nikki said...

Cool page! I'm lovin' the paint! Thanks for playing along!

lara said...

yummy paint and the alphas are cool as heck! thanks for playing!