Wednesday, 5 November 2008


I read a beautiful quote today on a journo LO. It was '...the world got its HOPE back.' It just dawned on me right then. The word HOPE is so special. Through good times and bad thoughout our lives we all have hope. Whether we are 4 or 40 we have it.
  • Emily currently is hoping for a pink DS for Crimbo.
  • I am hoping for a peaceful night of scrapping.
  • Kev is most probably hoping for West Ham to win.
  • Ben is hoping not to get caught when he delves into the cutlery draw for the hundreth time today.
  • I am hoping on a lotto win this weekend (same as every Saturday).
  • I am hoping that the kiddos don't get this sickness bug going around.
  • I am hoping that I will be well when I have to go in for my exploratory surgery.
  • I am hoping that everyone I know is health and safe, no matter where in the world they are.
  • I am hoping that I will enjoy 'The Family' tonight.
  • I am hoping that I will always appreciate HOPE.

Do you get me? Do you get the HOPE thing too? I Guess I may want to start a HOPE Journo too.

So, what else has happened to me in the last 24 hrs. Not much. I had drs app. I have to have exploratory surgery which I am not so happy about :( You know I am pretty worried about it. I guess though that millions of peeps each day have surgeries and are ok. I just worry what might be wrong with me to need it. And so in preperation I had to go and have a blood test today. Which is pretty much as traumatic as being told you need surgery LMAO. My veins are non-exsistent. Even for a fat bird :) So after being stabbed a few times and having my arm totally butchered, I have a huge swollen purple bruise. Which has made me cranky as the kids always seem to hang off this arm, which now hurts. I HOPE they stop. ;) But it's nice to know after two years someone is listening to me. I have HOPE.

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