Tuesday, 18 November 2008

7 Random Facts...

Katy (http://scrappingandnewfs.blogspot.com/) has tagged me and so here are my seven random facts...
  1. Today, I have made 3 lovely little gifts from old scrapping supplies (ok, the paper was new but the paint cans were just gathering dust).
  2. I have hoovered the stairs... (told you they were random)
  3. I am currently watching Emily prance around in her HSM get-up.
  4. I am already starting to think about my new years resolutions...
  5. I have been trying to organise my scrapping supplies for over a week now. (to no avail)
  6. I love facebook!
  7. I have a CJ to post!

Other than tidying, working (!) and just being on Mum duty... I haven't much to report. I am planning on trying to photograph all my projects and get them on here though. I know that my scrappy pics have been non-exsitent lately and am planning on not being so slack.

1 comment:

michelle said...

I am still debating if I am gonna lay in my pjs all day or get dressed and motivate.. hmm.. i can scrap in my pjs..