Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I have returned to school. Well. Ok. Not quiet. But hey a virtual, online school. My new teachie is the fab... Ashley Wren. OMG! This class already has me hooked. Journo'ing is the most important part of scrapping to me. Ok, You may of been swayed by pretty paper, sparkly goodies and satin ribbons... but hey. Remember why we do this hobby, right? The memories. The most important, insignificant stuff on paper. (and the most important stuff too) Just everything. Our lives. Our memories. right there on paper, forever. So anyhow. This class. Evidence. Cool, huh?

Right now I think it's be good to have an ongoing random journo full of natter. All the stuff that gets forgotten. Like how Ben is obssessed by saying 'all~gone'. Like the fact Emily stays for lunch at pre-school tomorrow for the first time ever... Like the fact I am learning to let go.

So today I have to go buy a new notebook. (I hear you *like you don't have a million already*) I have a docs app this afto too... so it'll be a good little treat to myself afterwards. And then Kev has to go back to work and teach the evening class. I will have kiddos in bed on time :) and then surround myself in paper. With wine. With a yummy supper. And try and be a good student. I will get my homework done. I will try and print out all those fabby flashcards teachie has created lovingly. I will not deviate onto facebook and spend endless hours laughing to myself like a weirdo ;)

I will also complete the kit blog sketches and upload them. I will also think of a cool project to do with this months kit.

I am going to be busy.


michelle said...

that class sounds wonderful.. I'm taking the Dina Wakley art jounal 101 class.. that has been a blast.
I will be playing on facebook all night long..lol

Anonymous said...

Hey girl.

I'm in your class...cant wait to see what you create...