Monday, 3 November 2008

Heavy times...

We had Paul's funeral last Thursday and life has been one blur since then. It was hard seeing seven amazing friends turned into six. It was heart wrenching hearing Michelle's sobs and hearing Paul's mum asking why her baby had been taken away. Loss is hard to bear at any time but he was in his early thirties, how can this be fair??

Amazingly though we all had a laugh about the times we'd spent together and thought of Michelle and Bobbi and Dave. We have made promises to be better friends and actually see each other more often. I guess a big shock and loss does this. And i'm hoping it's going to be true as I think no one truly appreciates what they have until it's gone. I am now pestering Kev daily to text Lee and make sure he is ok :) Even though we are all far apart and spread across the UK, we're going to see and hear from each other much more ;)

On a much lighter note, work is busy. Working at L/C is as stressful as ever :) But saying that I guess we try and see the funny side of it all while we're there. And of course there is always time to read the hillarious e.mails which flood my inbox ;)
And in the shop ( it's fab, as always. I'm kinda spoilt with this job. Not only is it like working in my idea of heaven but there's also the best girls there. Thank you so much to Addi for inviting me to her 'Sex and Pizza' night (Kev got very excited until he realised it was actually Sex in the City and pizza) the company was great. And thanks to Marion for my lift home ;) I am looking forward to our crafty get together nearer to Crimbo.

I am also in lurvvvveee with facebook ;) This place is the coolest place to hang online. It reminds me i'm not just 'muuuuuummmm' and i'm me;) I am a person who has a fab (if not pretty colourful) past and some super~dooper buddies.

I also signed up for this Yes, it looks funky~licious. TBH I need some Crimbo-ness booted into me. I have only a few gift brought and no cards made. It's already freakin' November! I'm hoping that this will be the rocket that I need up my big fat bum to get doing....


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope you and your friends continue to keep in touch. It's so hard when you're far away. I have the same problem - most of my good friends are spread out all across the US.

Take care


michelle said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend lady. It'll take some time to get back to your usual self, but you will always have your memories and photos to look back on.