Thursday, 13 November 2008


Life is just so busy atm.

On Mondays life is a whirl as i've worked all weekend and the house is in chaos... So I spend the morning trying to tidy up, the kiddos want to spend time with me and Em has school in the afto.

On Tuesdays we just do things together. We play and I carry on with the mammouth task of washing and drying.

On Wednesdays Em is at school until 1pm so we rush around to get her there and then Ben and I have some time together. He is so happy and easy on his own... no squabbling :) :) :)

On Thursdays (today) we have the major clean/tidy up/housework day. The whole of downstairs is blitzed. Yes, we hoover more or less everyday but on Thursdays things are done properly. The ironing gets done *groan*, all the mounting opened mail gets put away. The washing and ironing is put away. More washing is done.

I get myself ready for the weekend ~ I feel that if the house is in some sort of order, I am ready to work non-stop from Friday AM til Sunday PM. This is how it is every weekend.

And i'm not saying that I don't like it like this. I actually like feeling busy. Knowing I have heaps to do. Mentally it keeps me healthy. I feel happy and my life has a purpose. I have a purpose in making sure the house, our home ticks over for a whole three days on its own.

So, that's what i've been doing today. Getting ready for the weekend (workend) and the special visitors we have coming next weekend.... My sister is coming with her three for Saturday and we are all so excited :)

Other than all of that... Marion has gone away for a few weeks to Florida, so all hands to the pump in the shop... and I am teaching two classes on Sunday *which I still have kits to make up for*! I am also trying to makemy Crimbo cards and get them all ready to go out on December the first. This year I promise to send friends in the US and OZ cards and little gifts.

I have two of the best kits to use up too. Firstly my SoML kit arrived a while ago ( and my studio calico ( both of them have some weathervane yummies in them. I just had to order Mr.Campy stamps from Sara @ SoML too ;) that range is just so retro and cool. I also have a heap of stamps (I am loving those cheapie imaginisce ones ~ which are fab quality) which I haven't used... :( And a heap of halloween goodies I still have to use up! My mojo just seems to have vanished into thin air atm. Maybe getting some piccies printed up might spur me into scrapping...?

...Or maybe my mojo is fleeting because i'm spending tooooooo much time chatting to scrappy buddies on facebook... I am so totally happy a few US gals I know have joined facebook! I am absoloutely addicted to flitting around, sending IM's and nattering. :)


Katy said...

I've tagged you!! Come on over to my blog to find out more!! Katy xx

michelle said...

I hate cleaning and doing laundry! I am trying to get the mojo back, just don't seem to have the time. Been trying to take more photos, just gotta get them printed.. if I only had 5 more hours a day.. I could rule the world.. ha ha