Thursday, 26 March 2009

Happy Mail

Yesterday I had a re-delivery of happy mail that had been attempted to be delivered on Saturday, however we were all out! So last night (and this afto) I sat down with wine, the apprentice (wasn't that Mona RUDE!) and Desperate Housewives (I am just loving the gay blonde guy more and more)... and my happy mail :D

This one took on a life of it's own. At points I was ready to bin it, I didn't like it. I felt the colours just didn't go ~ even though they are all from the same range... But it's grown on me. The more I doodled, the happier I became. I'm not sure about some of it. Although I loved the fact that all the circles were from one sheet of pp, they are layered within an inch of their lives. And there is enough buttons to open a haberdashery shop on there. Happy? Kinda.

I started this last night but finished it up the afto while both kiddos slept. Yes. Both! Emily had a tiring morning at school and Ben loves snoozing ;) I glimmer misted this chipboard flower frame with turquoise (*yum*) I just need every colour glimmer mist going. They are so cool.

Again I just had to doodle alittle as stickers just look so 'sticker-ish' without alittle more.

And the wire was a freebie from Marion... I have used it so much. Wire is so easy to make into anything!! Bend it into swirls and add to a felt flower *dah-dar*! Perfect embellie.

Pick out a few flowers on the pp with a black pen too :)

Add altogether and its finished. If Emily looks abit hamster-ish in this pic, it's cause she was storing garlic bread in her chops when this was taken! Edited in photoshop and just her eyes are kept brown, not that its very noticiable.

This i'm not sure of, it was thrown together during the last few minutes of murder, she wrote. Before the kiddos were wakened and before I went back to Mum mode. Maybe it's just too simple?

Work tomorrow and I plan to be a mad, crazy class planning fiend. Along with the odd impossipuzzle that always happens when i'm in at S&S.


michelle said...

love your pages.. and em is a beauty. I love all the circles on your page,too. have fun at your class tomorrow.

Tinkerbelle said...

Get you with all your making, you truly are an inspiration xxxx Hope to see you soon xxx

Alison5 said...

Love your lo's especially the lo with all the circles