Monday, 23 March 2009

What a weekend... :)

Firstly, there's a few more Studio Calico kit LO's below... just have a scroll down and you'll see!

This weekend I wasn't working at L/C and was off to visit my Sis in Leicestershire... I have a heap of wild piccies but i've not uploaded yet and so can't share right now. The weather was glorious. Emily and I made good time there (and back) and nipped to the cemetary to pop some flowers to mum. Emily was pretty teary and that made me blub. It was a pretty difficult time. All the times before she has been accepting but this time we had lots of questions. It was hard and she cried, then I cried... We got to my sisters and she blubbed. I guess it's tears all round! I had got her a beautiful bunch of flowers, choccies, gifts and stuff which she opened over a much needed cuppa. Emily settled straight in running around and playing with George, Jessica and Abbeygail, as usual. It's like she never left. We ate lots of party food. Emily demolished at least four mini choccie cakes... :D We palyed lots of party games and then we had to leave. It was a fab day and I got to listen to trashy music all the way there and all the way back.

On Sunday I taught all day and so was very busy. I saw some nice new faces and some old lovely faces too. I am of course now thinking of new class ideas, I have a few. It's just choosing paper, making a sample and getting it all out there. We have Ally Pally soon, which will mean that we'll be busy in the shop from now on in!

Here are the few LO's i've been working on....

See I used the rainbow drops on here...! They are pretty cute to use. And I am loving the new puffy thicker font!

I scrapped this old piccie... seems they are all oldies atm! :) The ones that make me happy! This pic has such fond memories. My mum looks so happy.

And of course, after promising my self to journal much, much more... this one has a crazy story to go with it too...

And then this!!! OMG. Look at those cute thickers (again!) And I have this thing for yellow right now. Again, using old pics and making the most of my memories. This baby was made with my chiffon Studio Calico add on! Oh my. I just loved it soooo much. I cannot tell you how much this kit was by far my most fave to date.

There's a whole heap of journalling under those pictures. The Dr.Seuss quote just seemed very appropriate for it all. And I just love trees. The little maya road ones are cuter than the big ones :) And of course I just had to use the effervescent punch again... ;)
I also heard from a friend today, she says she has quit working and so won't be working with me again. :( I'm sad about it. I will miss her. She makes me laugh and makes a stressful job very bearable. Hmm. I'm hoping I can convince her to stay. It's a work in progress.

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Hey Girlie!
Long time no here, will be over to you tomorrow for drinks!
M x