Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Heart Warming.

These were the beauties I took to my sisters on Saturday. They really were beautiful.

And this I have worked on today... I am very miffed that I have no bind-it-all wires in the right size :GRRR: and so I will have to take it apart and wait until work on Friday, when hopefully I can get some which will be bigger! I made this baby with heaps of patterned paper, card and acrylic. I have also added heaps of pages which are just photos... Some pieces are 5.5" x 6" some are smaller. It's all very random but very yummy. It's a mixed album too. There's gonna be some very random pics in there and it will be full of little stories. Which I wanted it to be...!

On a very happy note... today I found out that an old employer, my favourite and most fondest boss has joined facebook :D I am so happy! This lady was so special to me (and still is) even though we had grown apart, due to me flitting all over... she is there now! I lived with her and was accepted as one of the family for over two years. I had the most amazing time with her and her family, it's so cool to see how happy her family look! It's warmed my heart so much this afternoon. Facebook is a GOD. It's so cool to see the little boys I nannied for as men now. They look prety much the same but stretched! It's also pretty scary and makes me feel damn old ;) A(coincidentally in the top pic of the flowers, is a bowl one of her boys made me as a leaving present... it sits on top of a plate they made me too)

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Anonymous said...

If you feel old, I must be ancient!
M x