Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Lots to tell...

Firstly, though i'm gonna share these with you... :)

I love this pic so much. I could scrap it over and over... it makes my heart happy.

This one I worked on yesterday while watching Criminal Minds and finished up today. I love Cosmo Cricket. IMO there is no better paper range (for now!) I don't think i've not liked any of their ranges. I've had 'em all and used them too :D

Their papers just call for ink and tearing and using. I hear the gasps *what we're supposed to use our paper?* YES!
I have to share that I have a whole heap of classes coming out. I have my house class this weekend which is full to busting. I have templates to make and kits to put together. I then have a short break due to Ally Pally... although I suspect that I may be demo-ing so please say hi to me :)
I then have my family tree LO, which I think has one/two spaces if anyone wants them ;) I then have cards! (lots of them) with acrylic, acetate and buttons... I have the box class running again, a totally flowery layered LO class. I can admit i'm aprehensive about it all. How busy things are right now. I can tell you I am totally loving some of my ideas right now and how bloomin' special a few of my classes will be (even, if I say so myself!). I have one of *the* best classes I think I will ever do coming up. It has me so extra pumped and happy. I am hoping with all hope it gets taken up again and again because it just has my heart totally joyous. That sounds so corny. But I love paper and I love sharing it with others. I just wanted to share my excitement with you. Ha ha. God, I really am loosing it.

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Alison5 said...

What a shame I won't be going to Ally Pally, just too far for me to travel.