Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Here's an oldie pic on some pretty new-ish paper... I love OA and glimmer mists. And I love writing right now. I think its the most important thing on a LO. Yes, the photo means alot but without writing the picture to anyone else on this LO is pretty meaningless.

This is an old couple of pics too from spring 2008... Emily just loves any old fashioned fairground rides, particularly the carousel.

I tried paper piercing and will not be trying it again. It just didn't work really well for me... Unsure how to make it look any better??

This was Emily before half term... after a day at school and telling Sherri that she wanted her face painted... for the second time that week (on the Monday she had been a butterfly and here a Princess, the next day she came home as a mermaid)

I have tried to used my SC kit this month but the papers just weren't me... after getting so hyped about it... the elements in the kit are fab (as always) but the papers just some how aren't inspiring me right now :( Still I scrapped this of our little nibbles when he first came to live with us which was over a year ago.

I wanted to scrap this picture, even though the background is unbelievably yucky... check out the hiddeous wallpaper. But even so, I wanted to document this time. It was taken on a Tuesday night, my last Tuesday at Butlins in October 1998 (I hope my memory always serves me this well!) and the night before I had got roaringly drunk and dislocated my thumb (you can kinda see the support) Anyhoo. Here I am downing a hair of the dog in Summerlands in Skegness. I just love the warm feeling old piccies give me. The fact I was slim then, the fact I was so bloomin confident about me then and how I just did whatever I pleased.

This one I did a while ago and used my turquoise glimmer on the wave-y card pieces I cut and then over stamped swirls lightly with white ink... I love this picture of Kev. It was taken back before Ben was born (I was heavily preg and that summer nearly killed me off).

I'm not sure why I brought this paper. It's so not me but it suited the photographs well. In the background in this very old photograph that was taken before I was even born, my Grandma Ivy is laughing and holding her arms out. I just wonder what the whole story was of right then. I will never know and it makes me alittle sad. It gives me further proof though that my scrapping is for a good reason. To document all those stories.
I haven't scrapped these photos of my time with Liam. It kinda feels alittle bit of a betrayal to Kev, raking up those memories. Bt rest assured that I have none of 'those' feelings for him at all, just pity really. Sadness for him and the children he has and how irresponsible he is. Still. After nearly ten years. I feel though, documenting it is important for me as it was a part of my life when I maybe stopped being so naive and really grew up. I learned alot of lessons (mainly that your mum is always right, even though at the time you are desperately trying to prove her wrong) and learned that I really and truly was alot stronger than I thought. This picture was taken on New Years Eve 1999.

See I have been scrapping!! Just not blogging as much as I should have done. And already this week is half way through...

Last week was half term and so, just as Kev is getting a week off from work... I did a few days extra at L/C. It meant that I had Monday off but then was working on Tues and Wed. Kev and I started decorating Emily's room on Thursday and then I was off to S&S on Friday to teach my Family Tree class and L/C Saturday and back to S&S on Sunday for Flower Frenzy!! Last week was busy :D

I had some of these LO's to add last week but just ran out of time each day... and I didn't get much scrapping done as Emily slept in our room for three nights last week as hers was too smelly and painty.

Yesterday (Tuesday) we went off to Shoebury again, the weather was very, very hot... in fact my arm got burnt (one more than the other)... YES. I officially have 'truckers arm' due to driving in the sun. We timed it wrong and the tide was out. Ben did not enjoy it ass much as last time as the sea was right out leaving lots of little boats stranded, all their bells tinkling in the wind and heaps of crabs scuttling up and down the beach; much to Emily's dislike! We stayed for a couple of hours and then came back, very sandy and very tired.

I spent yesterday evening in front of the tv. Mary Portas is back :D This time with Mary Queen of Charity Shops. It seems like this is going to be a pretty cool programme. I am still in shock at some of the tut peeps give away and think they are doing a good deed. *shudders at the used knickers* I am already looking forward to next weeks.
Right, off to put Ben up for a nap and settle down with Em for alittle bit of mumma/girlie snuggles.

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Tinkerbelle said...

After reading your entry I need a nap as I am exausted xxxx Thank you for my comments... your LO are fab as always xxx