Thursday, 15 March 2007

Two more sleeps!!!

Yes, i'm excited here because it is only TWO more sleeps until the new Billericay crop! I'm so excited and have been gathering my stash and bidding on bits on ebay- you know how addictive it can be!

Other than that I haven't actually done much today. Emily seems to have been a little better behaved however Ben seems to have been more unsettled today and cried tonight when I put him down. The usual battle commence with me running up and down the stairs every allotted time to put his doodie back in and switch the mobile back on... Why does he have to cry- it really does break my heart hearing him cry and knowing that I could stop it there and then, but controlled crying DOES work. It's just that 'hard' stage at the mo...

Ordered piccies from pixmania on Monday but they still haven't arrived and i've had no email cofirming they have been sent. I was hoping they'd be here before Mother's day as have ordered two biggie ones of the kids for her... which she had chosen... and I know she desperately wants! Also wanted the other piccies to ake to the crop- hey ho... maybe they'll come tomorrow (fingers crossed).

Well, off to hit the hay as it's late and i'm tired! No doubt my little chrubs will be up at 5:30am so I need my sleep...

Sweet Dreams Everyone xxx

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