Thursday, 29 March 2007

Wow-eee! I have a new baby!

I have a new baby for my birthday (21st of April) a canon rebel 300D SLR camera! And it is the most wonderful present! I have been snapping piccies left right and centre. Kev keeps calling me 'the papp' but I LOVE IT! It is soooooooooo exciting! And i'm now imagining all the wonderful piccies that i'll take and cherish forever with my new baby. Emily has also taken a shine to it but even so she still won't stay still for one minute. Ben, however is a slightly better model- he cannot escape Mummy's clicks! Thank you Kevy, Emily and Ben for such a wonderful gift.
Wow and double wow... check out and drool over all the fabby stuff! The whole website is making me giddy with excitement!!! And I have lost lots of hours just browsing and dreaming about making such fabby things. It is so kitsch and wow-some! Bewarned though if you do go on this site you are likely to become hooked!!! (Thanks Elsie for directing me to it!) Check out the piccies above of the fabby sock dog, aptly named 'Jewel' for sale on there and then my etsy inspired creations. Trying to make a few children's tee's to sell on there are the mo, but seem to be loosing time!

I have also been checking out so many wonderful exciting blogs- musing of a stash junkie to be but one and Shimelle's blog too- she reminds me so much of Elsie Flannigan. I have been busy gathering little bits of inspiration and now just need to have the time and space to let it out! I feel sometimes I have so much stuff spinning in my head that I can't sleep imagining such fabby ideas and designs.

Also I am becoming utterly obessed with desperate housewives. You know what? It just keeps getting better and better- some of it unbelievable but even so such good fun. And have noticed something that I never realised- Tom Scavo is so gorgeous (not quiet Billie Joe hot but nearly)... ! But then it's not just his 'look', he is a wonderful and caring hubbie to Lynette who is a little hero of mine. And when will Susan and Mike finally get it on??? I wish she'd stop fooling around with that bumbling Englishman because he just doesn't suit her, the same goes for Gabrielle and Carlos---- please reunite ALL couples and make Wysteria Lane happy!
Also have been waiting for photos from for nearly three weeks now! Needless to say I am NOT happy one little bit! I have emailed them countlessly and had several snotty replys from them too (don'tcha just hate rude ppl?) and hopefully they will be here tomorrow. Best of it is I only ordered a few prints and i' sure it would've been easier to print them off myself. I cannot wait for them to arrive though!
I also have another special little package arriving- aren't I lucky??? It's from and Helen is wonderful, I can honestly say (and I have used alot of scrapbooking suppliers) She is the nicest i've ever dealt with. She has called me reagarding my order, refunded money for two papers out of stock, emailed me with all the updates on the order process and sent it out on next day delivery even thoughI did not pay for it. Thank you! Now i'm waiting in tomorrow until it arrives because I really want to stroke those wonderful papers!

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