Monday, 12 March 2007

Old flames...

Here are my most fave piccies of the day: (ABOVE) Firstly Billie Joe is so darn hot and secondly the big belly one, as been looking back with those rose coloured glasses on my pregnancies! I love that huge preggers belly!

Besides that, a while back curiosity got me. I searched friends reunited and found an old flame, my first proper love and a guy I lived with for near on two years... Why do things like this always end with regret???

Well, his current squeeze has had thier baby... and yes, in a weird way and I mean weird i'm kinda jealous! Which is weird because he was so unhealthy for me and I would imagine anyone unless he has changed dramatically... but his piccie got my heart beat racing and yes, I still find him attractive. I guess that will always be- he hasn't changed one bit but I was unprepared for that reaction.

Lesson learned- don't let my curiosty get the better of me!

We are also going through the TERRIBLE two's here... it is a nightmare... and I will be glad when it's over... do I really have to wait until September when she turns three???

We are severely lacking sleep in this house as Ben is 'controlled-crying' but not when he goes down... during the night. So not much sleep has been had for the past few nights due to him getting cross... but really i've been lacking sleep since I was preg... My body is almost used to half hour blocks of sleep.

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