Monday, 12 March 2007

Twice in one day...

Here are my daughters first shoes... I found these this afternoon and it brought back memories of how tiny her feet were when he started toddling about. How gorgeous are they?!

Sorry had to post again...

Have been looking at piccies of Billie Joe Armstrong and phwooooarrring! He is sooo cor-somely gorgeous. Don'tcha just think so??? And other faves are below...

  1. Billie Joe Armstrong

  2. Daniel Meade- from Ugly Betty

  3. Danny Dyer

  4. Jeremy Kyle

  5. Kevy Lucas (best put him in somewhere!)

  6. Tre Cool

  7. Mack from CSI

  8. Matthew Wright

  9. The dark haired one from law and order

  10. Jake Dean from Hollyoaks

Yum... food for thought there...

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