Wednesday, 14 March 2007


Today is a fabby inspired Elsie Flannigan (above) day... I had a reply to my email to her! WOOOOOWWW-EEE! How excited was I when I read 'Elsie Flannigan' in my inbox??? (the answer is toooooo excited!)

Also have got my copy of the autumn leaves book 'Freestyle'... Which isn't quiet as good as 52 scrapbooking challenges but nearly... Not quiet as much doodling as I imagined but still is beautiful. - Have filled one idea book up to the brim and now going into a second but this one seems even better as written on black cardstock pages with a white el pen- try it, it looks FABBY!

This week too seems to be going s-l-o-w-l-y... and I know why. I'm going to a crop in Billericay on Saturday and so because i'm dying to get there and scrap to my hearts content the week days are dragging. I can't believe it's only Wednesday. Not that I want to wish my life away but scrapping is so v. important AND i'll be child free for a whole day! My second day since August (and even then I had Ben in my belly!)...

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