Wednesday, 5 December 2007

I've been tagged by Joanna ( So here are my 7 random facts.....

1. I hate waiting ... :)
2. This year is the first year in, I don't know how long that we haven't had our Crimbo tree up on the first.
3. I have so many Crimbo gifts still to get...
4. Ben is obssessed with changing channel on the topfield box ~ it's driving me potty!
5. We still have to decide what we are doing at Christmas.
6. I still have that never ending 'to-do' list.
7. I am loving the book I made at Shimelle's class!


Wendy said...

I have a never ending to list as well!!!!!!

michelle said...

That's so true..the never ending to do list.. glad you like your Shimelle book.