Monday, 10 December 2007

The Weekend.

Saturday: We braved town and I tried to do some Crimbo shopping. Kiddos, Kevy and Crimbo shopping do not mix. In the end I got three little things and we came home. Everyone was tired and fed up. I do only have a few more bits to get though but even so would've liked to have gotten them this weekend just gone rather than having to brave town again!
I still need to get:
Ben - little bits.
Jill - half to get
Steve - voucher
Kev still has a fair bit to get and of course I still need to wrap all our gifts up and post some ~ I have to get a wriggle on with it all, it's just finding the time and the inclination to be bothered to.

I spent the whole day at Sugar and Spice at Nina's crop. I just love it there. It has a nice vibe about it all. I didn't buy anything! (yes!) apart from Kev's gift (we have agreed to go handmade this year, much to his digust!) and I made a flag book and started and finished Kev's gift. I am seriously impressed with it. I have looked at it again, just now and it does look super girlie ~ I may have to rethink it all but it's just the cutest thing i've made in a long time.
I also came home to two kiddos with fevers. So today we have two sick kiddos and luckily Emily still has her sense of humour... kinda and Ben is not a total grump but even so I hate having sick kids.


michelle said...

I am still not done shopping and trying to do most of it online, but it looks like I will have to venture out there.. chris and I decided to do/ get something for our house instead of each other this year. We'll see how that works out. I'm hoping for some bookcases myself.. I hope your babies get better.

Nina said...

I am pleased you had fun!
hope the bubbas get better. x