Friday, 7 December 2007


Last night I wasted nearly the whole time on facebook. I'm addicted but in fits and starts. Sometimes I don't go on at all, sometimes i'm on there the whole time. It's a strange place really because surely we should all be looking forward, yet when you're there you just look back. So i've seen many old school friends on there. Noticed NOTHING changes back home in the little village where I grew up. Noticed that all that happens is people get older, definately no wiser and still are doing the same old things.
Then by chance I stumbled across a boy I used to nanny for - who is now a young man. I had already added his two brothers and sister but he had not long joined. He was such a little sweet thing when I looked after him. He was amazingly cute. How weird is it when you find out that this 6/7 year old boy has grown and likes Scrubs...??? We used to sit and watch pokemon and digimon together! I took him to see the first Harry Potter film and he cried he was so scared. OMG, when did he grow up?! It is so great to see how successful he is but it does make me feel OLD.

p.s. Did anyone see Jonothan Ross a few weeks ago when Russell Brand was on?? :) I laughed so much and shared it with my sister last night. How can anyone have a mouse live in their hair???


michelle said...

I think I would cry if I saw some boy I used to babysit grown up and watching scrubs.. hahah..

Joanna Butchart said...

YUP massive facebook fan myself. Russell Brand is just the best and i was crying with laughter at that episode. Did you see him on Have i Got News for You.