Sunday, 29 April 2007

Cyber crops, farms and double points!

What a past 24 hours! Last night I bundled the kids off to bed at a reasonable time and settled down with my stash. I had every intention of getting lots done but only managed to do one challenge- the Tweedledum, Tweedledee (You work in pairs. One person chooses a photo and both scrap it. You choose a quote/caption for the othe person and vice versa) the challenge was worth 100 points each! So actually better doing this one than 5 classes. I have down loaded all the classes though, although some- in fact many just aren't my thing.

We took Emily to the Barleylands farm today. She was in her elemnet running around and having freedom to wander. I also took her into the rabbit 'den' and she finally was brave enough to touch something. I held a big white and black lop eared rabbit and she was sooo excited about it all. She even stroked him too. Now she 'wooonnnntssss one!!!' But Kevy says no and i'm inclined to agree rabbits are mostly pretty scratchy and nasty things for small children. She also was mesmerized by Max, a large rather smelly ferret who kept climbing up his cage bars to see her. I'm sure those if we've gotten too close he would've nipped us. He had that wild eyed look about him.

I managed to nip into Sugar and Spice and have a spend up! I got heaps of papers and some staze-on so I can stamp onto acetate and shrink plastic- that monkey stamp will be so cute on jewellery! I nearly brought more mini book bits but realised I have a heap left to finish and start without buying more. Kev did ask what I had spent but I skirted round the subject... Too much is the answer.

I found out yesterday too that Sara Berry is producing a kit each month (story of my life) and so, yes on the 1st of May I will be ordering it! It looks truly wonderful this time, all creamy and chocolatey. Really beautiful. I cannot wait although I am getting swamped under stash, if that is at all possible as I have so much stuff and no time to use it. I keep telling myself though that I have TWO crops in May and so with that I will need stash. In any case this scrapbooking lark is an investment in my memories...

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Nina said...

Awwwwww guinea pig are better for young children but really need to be kept in pairs.