Friday, 27 April 2007

A package of delights!

Well boy did I have fun yesterday afternoon. Firstly the electricity, for some reason was cut off during me watching Desperate Housewives (which I had recorded from E4-so next weeks episode) Which stressed me out as it had just got to the good bit when Miss McKluskie (or however you say it) freezer blew up and we all knew her late departed Hubbie's body is stored inside... It sent me into a panic of 'when will the electricity be restored???!' Then my mind was taken to other things when the royal mail man knocked on our door (or Postman pat, as Emily calls him) he had a small package of the new foofala buttons (wow-some and gorgeous), patterned petal primas and some delicious MME bohemia embossed chipboard shapes (the bliss ones!) ... So of course my time then was filled up not worrying about Miss McKluskie's Hubbies fate but when I would use these goodies and how.

I opened the flowers- they are so gorgeous in RL... to find alittle extra than I bargained for - see piccie of huge bug! Yes, he was nestled in the little chipboard flower shaped buttons included in the pack. And he is pretty disgusting and gianormous, as bettles go.
It all turns out that the electricity was restored quiet soon after my discovery and I watched the end of Desperate Housewives while I scrapped - a heavenly combination... And yes, Miss Hoover does get found out. She is visited by the police at the end of the episode while she is in hospital - a long story!


Anonymous said...

it's mrs mccluskie, not mrs huber....i think she was murdered by paul!! complicated or what?

Polly said...

d'oh! Well spotted... and all changed! TY!