Monday, 23 April 2007

Well, well, well... lots of spending afoot!

I have been spending wayyyy too much on stash. I have fell in love with ordering from the states too. I have found heaps of fabby blogs which have encouraged me to spend. I MUST stop spending for the mo!

Well, I am waiting for the kit from it's their first kit and includes the bampop! papers which are gonna be great for the Shimelle inspired LO I have in mind.

Secondly i'm waiting for a package from the coconutgodess ( which has those cute little mail boxes in and I have also brought three SEI scrapbooks in a bag to save as gifts (or use- which we all know I will).

Thirdly I hope to have healped 'Emnol' out from UK Scrappers by buying her unwanted cocoa daisy kit and seven gypsies tag book.

As you can see I have been spending! Oh, and I went over to Barleylands and went into Sugar and Spice and brought yet more goodies... Doesn't help it's double loyalty points next Sunday too!

I have also become addicted to blogs. This is ok but now nearly all of my saved faves on my lap top are other peoples lives (which seem to be much more exciting than mine!) It's great to view other peoples blog as there is so much inspiration out there and so many peoples lives just waiting to be explored. I am totally hooked. On this one she talks about the flylady's method of housework... it made me think and laugh- we have no method, 15 minutes cleaning on each task- you'll be lucky if you get 15 minutes on ALL tasks. When I can no longer see the kitchen side, I have to clean. The bathroom is regularly hosed down by Emily and the shower head and the same goes for when she washes her hands in the downstairs loo basin. The floor gets a good soaking then and I have to mop it up.

I have also had a birthday. I am now 27 and feeling very old. The grey hairs set in at age 22 so i've always known that age is probably not going to be too kind tome. On the bright side, fat people do not get all that wrinkly or have saggy faces... just lots of double chins. Ha, ha... at least I won't have saggy, miserable looking cheeks. Just fat chubby ones. Being fat does have some advantages. As you know Kevy and the kids had already brought me my new camera and of course it has been used heaps! I really do love it and have never really been into technology so much. Dying to get to grips now with photoshop so I can really begin to make the most of my piccies I have taken. Other than that I received money from most people along with a cute little pink photo frame and necklace from my sisters children. As you can gather I have already spent the money I had!

Above are the pictures of the flag book I made at the Billericay crop... I must admit I just wubbie it! I am so proud of this book and even Kevy said it looked shop bought. Wow! Also I managed to finish the 'home' LO I had been working on too. The stitching took me an age to do and gave me a tiny blister on my thumb but I am pleasedwith it. It was inspired by a LO in the Autumn Leaves book - Freestyle (a worth while buy!).

I would like to add that i'm going to have some fun on here later in the week... Keep your eyes peeled as there will be some goodies to win!


Donswishes blog said...

Wow hello glad you like your book it looks fab! and your little house lo is just perfect! Donnax

Anonymous said...

Hi Polly, love your blog. The flag book looks great :) Hope to see you in May :) Tanya

Anonymous said...

Sorry! couldn't remember my password!