Monday, 30 April 2007

My lil' chipboard house!

Here she is and isn't she adorable??? I have chosen a bit of a funky design for her, cerise pink paint (from a SoML add on kit) lime green bazzill bling window frames, white textured scalloped blinds... so far thats what i've decided on. I spent this afternoon, while Emily slept and Ben kinda slept measuring them and cutting them out. They are fiddly but i'm sure worth it. I have heart buttons to use too and think i'm going to make sweet white window boxes and then add the hearts 'growing' from them, like flowers. Although I do have a few fimo carrots, peas in pods and corn on the cobs which I could use(?!) I SERIOUSLY need some decent scrapping time with no interuptions. Two hours here and there is no good for my mojo or projects, things are always half started and never finished and of course when you then do go back to them the whole inspiration and giddi-ness for them has died down. I am looking forward to the Havering crop to finish all these things off (or at least put a huge dent into them) and then the Billericay one to finish up some bits too.
Paula Sealey's blog has asked us how we scrap... hummm her scrapping style is wonderful and her piccies too. I am too ashamed to show you the pics of my stash/scrap area. Until Ben vacates our bedroom I have none! I have half a bookcase down stairs which is crammed with stuff and all stuff in boxes on my desk upstairs. I cannot actually get to my desk really as his cot is semi in the way. I generally am scrapping on the sofa which also cuts down scrapping time as you know it takes so long to get it all out and then pack it all away. Roll on when Ben eventually gets into his own room and then I can get some space!

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shelly b said...

Very cool little house!! love it! Thanks for stoppin by my blog. I'll be checkin yours out, it's so fun!