Thursday, 26 April 2007

Still waiting...

I am still waiting for my stash to be delievered fronm the States, how long do these things take? I'm guessing the minimum of ten days- which it hasn't been yet. Also I have ordered the ModScraps April kit with the add on Embellishment kit too. And I have also ordered some bits from Craft obesessions too, I thought those bits might be here today but no luck!
Took Ben to the new doctor (even though he looks so happy- see piccies above!), which was a complete waste of time. I am not sure what to do now because he had this problem diagnosed at his 6 month check, the health visitor referred me to the GP (our old one- who works in conjunction with the HV clinic) He agreed with her that Ben did have too much fluid round one of his balls and it was much bigger than it should be. He said to see our new GP, as it wasn't really really urgent and he would refer him to the urologist. Went today and without even looking properly he said it was ok, balls do differ in size etc... He did not even have all his notes!!! I said about the HV saying about and infection and could his 'willy' infection be to do with it. He never even answered just practically shoved me out of his room! Feel very very annoyed now. How am I supposed to do any more about it??? What do I do? Do I go back and complain/ask to see someone else? Kev rang and I told him what happened and he is not happy either.
Also I had my health check with the nurse- what a joy that was being weighed and seeing how fat I have got, lol! Oh well, my blood pressure was good, so she said. I replied 'I may be fat but i'm fairly fit...'

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Nina said...

Gotta say hun that if its been held up in customs it could take weeks!
Hope you get your little mans bits sorted.