Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Holidays over.... back to our normal lives!

Well, well, well.... What have we been up to???

We managed to make it to Southend (see piccie of Emily above in her spotty coat!) and it was freezing... So windy and cold. We met up with Kev's parents and his nieces and took his nephew with us. Had a nice unhealthy burger for lunch and then two hot, freshly made doughnuts on the seafront. We didn't make it into the sealife centre or anywhere other than the arcades as Emily loved it so much.
We visited Kev's sister too (piccie with her other half and their daughter) and took over their Easter goodies. The girls just get along so well. They were so sweet playing in the garden with Eloise's football and her swing. Emily seems to all of a sudden grown up and is on their wave length now.
Ben too is enjoying life slightly more (although he has been very poorly and spent Sunday evening in Basildon hospital) He has found out that he likes being on the floor and rolling around ( see piccie!) We are so lucky to have a happy little chap, he really is wonderful.
I also went to the Billericay crop and it was fabby! I made a beautiful flag book and have managed to fill it up and finish it off. It is really great, i'd like tothank Donna for a great idea and fabby instructions that brought it all together. (Will post piccies soon)
Emily is getting so funny just lately, I am planning on scrapping her sayings soon because she is just hillarious. Last night I took off her pants to put her night time nappy on and she did the most enormous fart. She then shouted... 'OH Good grief!!! I farted! paaaaarrrrrrrppppp!' It was so funny and of course like most small kids the more you laugh the more they do to make you laugh ... '... OH no big windy-pops!' . Another day during the holidays she laid in our bed and said... 'Mummy, need to go Nannies. I want chocolate, I like it. I REALLY do!' (we can all guess what Nannie gives her when Emily visits?!).
Also will try and post more- insipration from ladyNinabug from UK Scrappers...

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