Monday, 30 April 2007

Have been visiting the story of my life forum board (v.friendly there!) and have been adding to the 'what are your five obssessions?'. Well, firstly i'm not sure I can list ONLY five...
1. Craft supplies! (you can never have too much!)
2. My family
3. Coke
4. Desperate Housewives
5. Green day - their music rocks!
6. My blog
7. Our local crops
8. Uk scrappers
9. surfing the net for more fabby inspiration
10. Elsie Flannigan
11. The Green Frog Studio- her work is so delcious!
I'm sure there are more!

Today another package arrived with the wonderful doodlebug chipboard house in ... I got it fronm and cannot wait to begin decorating it and putting it together- although I am going to try and make my own so as I keep the original as a template (the chip isn't all that thick) and it comes with some beautiful pictures to give you an idea of what you can create.

I still haven't received my ModScraps kit which I ordered last Wednesday (today being Monday here)... I think it's pretty poor really. I ordered the SoML kit from the USA and that only took little over a week to turn up...when it had so far to travel! The ModScraps kit is coming from the UK, so what is the delay??? I have emailed them asking how much longer it will be and if I didn't actually want it so much I would be tempted to cancel it altogether. (But it has those gorgeous bright foofala buttons in it)

The first thing Emily said this morning was ' woooont a rabbit!' no we are not getting a rabbit. All the rabbit's i've known have been pretty nasty things, scratchy and jumpy. (I know the jumpy thing is a rabbit trait- but hey who wants their paws gouging you when they boiiiing from your lap)... I actually would like a pet but Kevy is a city boy and there is NO chance he will give in. When I was little we had alsorts of weird animals, my fave being our goats Laddie and Sadie... and i've lived with chickens too (not literally) which are great (free eggs, that are so much more delish than free range supermarket ones) and they are pretty friendly and easy to keep. I suggested it to Kev and he looked horrified... 'No. they make crowing noises'... I then explained that is what the cockrels do not hens! But he still said no even with the promise of fresh beautiful eggs. BOOO! We want a couple of bantams!

How's all your little '14 things...' books going. I have to just fill mine then i'll upload for a little inspiration... I used the kit from cocoa daisy to make mine and it's looking pretty good, not my usual scrapping style either.

Well, better go and sort out the two littlies!

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Rhi said...

polly! your a brit! hey girl, i totally looked at your loca and saw "essex" and thought "oo, brit!" but then saw GB, and thought that was a state in USA. oh gosh, my mind, it doesn't work properly.
i like to make new blog friends :)