Tuesday, 24 April 2007

I am stalking my postie...

Yes, he now thinks i'm completely bonkers... this morning I was waiting the other side of our front door to see if there would be any goodies coming today- I know it's very unlikely but you never know. Royal Mail might've gotten their act together... Fingers crossed that something will come tomorrow.

I am getting excited. I have two crops next month, Tanya's at Havering atte Bower and Donna's Billericay crop. AND I will have heaps of stash to use too... lets just hope I have time and of course room in the car to cart it all there and back. Lets just hope this time Tanya is alittle bit more luck with the turn out. It was pretty poor last time and poor that nobody bothered to let her know they were/weren't going to turn up too. It is such a lovely crop and a lovely hall it would be a shame if it had to end because people didn't go.

We had a disaster yesterday too- our downstairs loo blocked and filled up with gross water to the brim. Clever-clogs me decided to grab an unwanted, don't care when I chuck it jug and bail it out into one of those plastic storage boxes which I have now slung (*YUCK*). I managed to unblock it... someone had shoved heaps of loo-roll down there (Emily Kate Lucas!) and tip the water back down the loo before going on a bleach-a-thon around the loo and anywhere this water may have or not got. Hats off to people who work with drainage etc... it's a hideous task!

Emily is well on the way to full-potty-trained-dom... she is doing it on there all the time and even staying dry during her day time nap too. She actually comes down and takes her nappy off and then goes for a wee. We are still having to jump up though and shout 'well done, good girl... thummmmmmbs UP!' and of course she delights in this. She is rather funny to watch and even tells Ben all about it.

Ben's antibiotics have finally ended, so no more projectile vomit (usually that horrid bright orange colour) and he seems ok. We have a doc's app on Thursday morning though to make sure and check his big ball as well. Poor little boy- so many people have felt his nether regions just lately. Other than that he is nearly ready to crawl, he lunges forward and trys to go but can't work out his arms have to hold himself up... Not long though now and then nothing will be sacred.

On Sunday too we are off to Barleylands (weather permitting) with a picnic to go to the farm bit and I am also going to 'nip' into Sugar and Spice and make the most of their double loyalty points... How could I not??? I just hope I actually manage to do some scrapping before then as i've done nada in a whole week- seem to have lost my mojo at the mo. I need some new piccies and exciting things to scrap rather than just ones of kids. Yes, scrapping them is nice and they make lovely LO's but they are all begining to look too similar. May have to dig out some really old ones of me and try to scrap those!

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