Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Cor! Isn't that just totally cool...?

Today is THE day. The day when Sara puts up her new kits from Story of my Life (check them out at www.story-kits.com) I have ordered the main kit and add on kit with the cute little birdie stamp too. My eyes fixed on the bohemian bliss chipboard but I already have it. Pity, it is so much cheaper over there. So now i'm gonna be waiting for that perfect wrapped box that my postie delivers. Boy, waiting is NO fun. I hate waiting. I seem to spend my whole ife up until now waiting and it just annoys me. I'm a do it/ have it now kinda gal.

Last night we had a chinese takeaway - Yum! It was delish. Then I settled down to painting my chipboard house. She is now cerise pink with acetate windows, white scalloped blinds and soon will have lime green bazzill bling window frames. She is so adorable. Although the painting did now exactly come out how I originally wanted, its all line-y with the brush strokes and seens as I had now foam pads; it's how it will be. Kinda gives it a wood grain effect and I figure once all the bits are added you won't just see that the most then.

I thought I would have my ModScraps kit today but as yet (11:50am) nothing, nada, zilch! I just find it so annoying. There is now a message on their website saying that they were waiting for some overlays and they posted them out on the 30th... Well, maybe it would've been nice to have been emailed about this rather than me having to search myself... Customer service over here is SO poor.

Hey i'm happy though because I found out yesterday that Red Velvet Art are going to produce a kit! Wow... I love their stuff and everyone knows that Elsie Flannigan is my scrapping hero. She is a true style 'Queen' in my eyes. I *heart* all her artistic flair and designs. She is truly magical. Then to make matters even more exciting Rachel Denbow emailed me too! I was on cloud nine! She also used to live in Leicestershire (where I was born and lived til I was 20) which goes to show what a small world it really is. Yeah... now i'm waiting for this kit to become avaliable. And a big toooooot tooooot to Shelly who has gotten onto their design team. Cannot wait to see your creations. (check her blog at http://shellybrewer.blogspot.com) Toot toot!

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