Thursday, 2 April 2009

Busy (again)

The sun was out again today and so Ben has spent the majority of the time in the garden. Flinging sand, digging dirt, stacking stones and generally being a boy! We did stop for a haircut though, i'm hoping he doesn't look toooo butchered. What do you do with a two year old that won't sit still at all?

Emily flopped in the chair and on the DS as soon as she got in from school ... She is obsessed with animal crossing right now, not sure she knows how to play it but enjoys just wandering around on there.

Last night I did this... Not sure I like it at all, alittle too plain. Alittle too 'not-me'...

But I love the photo... and those thickers don't look quiet as garish on the yellow card. Did you know i'm loving yellow right now???

So I watched the apprentice last night. OMG! Both teams sucked. I was hoping the girls would fail. The team leaders attitude was soooo poor!!! The boys were just totally clueless but did think the sandwich selling in the street was a good idea, I think that swung it for me. Although the whole 'olympic' food idea was so wrong. Not at all sad any of them went though, they were all pretty dire this week. I spent the whole night talking at the tv. Telling them you don't wear a toga to a canape party... ;)
And desperate housewives was ok. Kinda abit of a disappointment really. I thought it'd be alittle better this week. They sure are dragging out the whole Dave saga.
Tonight is the inbetweeners on E4 and the mentalist :D I am looking forward to both. Another night sat infront of the tv scrapping (heavenly)... :)


sunshine and curls said...

I am loving the Mentalist he is just soooo cool. I know you may not feel your layout is not quite "you" but I really like it !! well done xx Happy easter to you all

Love Cara

Sandra Coward said...

You and Ben - Two peas eh??!!
Hope you are all having a Happy Easter. Sxx