Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Good times.

Firstly... alittle paper goodness for you. I did more last night but cannot share just yet... this however I can!

Doesn't it seem weird scrapping snow pictures, when it's been pretty sunny here lately. This pic was taken back in February of Emily totally enjoying the snow...! On the first real snow day she experience... when I think the majority of England came to a stand still. Kev was off work for two days and we enjoyed alot of snow :D

I used the cute invisibles that we have coming into the shop!! And the a mirror I got from Ally, which was on sale :) I doodled alittle round the pictures and stamped on the cute little mint button with my new Martha Stewart stamps (I just need the inks now!)

I got up extra early this morning to order my Studio Calico kit and got all add ons. I just needed them all! I just cannot wait until they arrive now but am still surrounded by last months as it only arrived 6 days ago. This months looks simply delicious though! :) Oh, it made me very happy at 5am this morning, while both kiddos and Kev were snoring and snoozing... I was sat at my work space ordering my kits incase they sold out! Luckily I grabbed what I wanted and then a few bits from the shop. This kit is just the best tho. The little touches make me very happy (like the kit packed by little card). Well, just the few weeks wait now until it arrives in the red little postie van.

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