Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Ben has found he loves drawing... mainly scribbles but he loves to have cats drawn for him and then he sings (or maybe shouts!) the batcat theme tune. Very, very sweet...!

Ok. Rant alert.

You know those days when you think you're going to achieve lots and actually you achieve very little? Yesterday was one of them. I spent the whole day doing little tasks, none of which amounted to much and tbh I am tired of trying!!
I seem to be either working out of the house or working in the house! The house work seems never ending, the washing pile keeps growing and i'm sure the ironing pile is breeding, no sooner is done than another huge pile has mounted up. I hoover and two minutes later it looks like the house hasn't seen a hoover since 2001! ;)
And why is it, that I am supposed to know everything??!! Maybe I should take that one as a compliment... :P
Well, I tried yesterday, however very little got done. Today has been much the same. Upstairs desperately needs cleaning and blitzing. not so easily done with two pairs of small hands 'helping'. Yes, we all know that 'helping', actually is hindering. I may try later in the hope that they may not wreck their bedrooms too much. That actually it will be a fruitful exercise in cleaning and tidying.

I managed a little scrapping last night, although I was pretty disappointed by a mini album I had brought. I will post once it's all finished... but you know when you open something and the quality is pretty cruddy? It was that moment right then. Cruddy product. It just leaves you so uninspired. So I set about covering it and snipping paper. I will share tomoz...

Rant over. Happy days today... maybe :grrr:


Jo said...

I totally get that feeling. And it doesn't help that my family think that when I'm at college I'm just having fun, and its not hard work and tiring too. Grrrrr.

And I get John and both kids all wanting me at the same time. The constant 'Muuuuum' does get to me every once in a while (ok every day ATM!).

Hope you get the chance to have a break soon.

(Maybe we should go on strike?!)

Alison5 said...

I know exactly how you feel, the housework, washing and ironing is never ending sometimes I wonder why I bother because within half an hour of the elder two being home from school it looks like I haven't bothered anyway. I keep thinking if I spend less money on stash I could afford a cleaner lol.