Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Yay for postmen!

After having a few wobbles, thinking this is the kit that won't show... here it is!! It came today just as we were eating lunch... and rather like buses two kits showed up at once :)

Now I have my Studio Calico and my Sarah's Cards kit to play with :D Which is pretty good as i've been on alittle photo printing spree this morning. I so far have printed up a good 20 sheets and still have alot more I wanna do...

I am still thinking about the best way to organise my scrap space. I want Kev to put up my steel hanging bar above the work top, so I can sort out all my little nick nacky bits and hang ribbon too. I have three canvases to decorate (how I have no idea) and to hang above then. I am planning on sorting all my scraps into clear boxes too. Maybe even chucking some out *gasp* yes, you heard me right. Chucking stuff out!! I still have a heap of stuff to take upstairs, this is what I have planned to sort out tonight... :) These huge bags full of albums and bits. Then I only have a few more shelves to move... it seems never ending!

And while my kit arrived, this little one was enjoying a little light lunch of toast and tomatos and apple! And inbetween bringing in pockets full of sand :)

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michelle said...

yeah! now get scrapping! lol. I want to revamp my little studio area, but I dunno what do do anymore. I purge and then buy a ton more stuff.. i can't figure it out - this vicious cycle!