Thursday, 30 April 2009

Whoo hooo!

Last night we had a meeting at work... it was thwarted with probs for me getting there. Firstly some kind soul posted on UKS that WH Smiths were stocking Scrapbook Trends and Card Trends magazines!!! OMG! So I had to nip over to Basildon before the work meeting. There were two little copies left... I also picked up SI. Which happened to be a very old issue... Don't you just hate it when that happens!??! (I obviously buy too many magazines!)
Then I set off to KFC, which I had no actual idea where it was, I thought it was on Festival Leisure park but alas after driving around, looking rather weird, making a call to Marion I found out it was somewhere else entirely. Yesterday was, as you can tell... one of those days! I then found KFC. Ordered a bucket of chick. Had a little KFC happiness and went off to work for our meeting. Chicken, magazine, pepsi max in tow.
I got to work to realise Nina wanted a different meal and I hadn't realised :( Sorry Nina! But then we had a blast of a meeting. Including Scottish dog chat :D

And we have some news to share! We are accepting design team applications for Marions gorgeous stamps!! You can find all the details here!

And then another little bit of good news, if you like blog candy... here!

I rushed home after the meeting and just made it to watch Shameless. Result. Things were not so bad ;)

I also just found this on Facebook... :) Me back in 1999. A long time ago. Check out the slimmer, more toned bingo wings!!

I did no crafting though. I am seriously going to try today. I have a mini canvas I want to make up. So i'm off now. Back later!

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Nina said...

No worries luv! We did have a blast of a meeting, I still keep giggling about it now. x