Thursday, 23 April 2009

i *heart* paper

Each night in our house the same thing happens. I eat supper with Kev. I then squirrel off upstairs to my *new* scrap space and sit on my cool bright pink swivelley chair and snip up paper... I love this time of the day. It's me time. It's relaxing and I get to do my most favouritest hobby in the whole wide world... although it has taken over my life (not that its a bad thing).

Yesterday I was extra excited with the arrival of TWO kits! and I had already printed out a whole heap of piccies, I was good to go.

And so I did these LO's. Just two. (too much tv watching me thinks!) The first was with my Sarahs cards kit. I'm not normally at all a purple/lilac person. (I went through a whole purple stage when I was 18 and never want to go back!) but this kit was gorgeous. Plus I love thick MME papers, they always feel like watercolour paper. :)

So I used my new jouno'ing stamps from Ally Pally... and scrapped a moment from yesterday. When Emily announced my bum was like a big squidgey pillow. Thanks! Just what I need to hear :D

Then this one with my Studio Calico kit!! Hooray for Studio Calico. It is truly yummy this month. I am now eagerly awaiting Tuesday and release day... I think I need it all, although am never sure until I see the full contents and picks. Sneaks are good but never do!

I used some cute naked pics. I know that these times will soon be gone, although do boys ever stop getting naked?? Or being comfortable with flashing their bits?? I used a huge helping of Cosmo. They are so damn hot right now. I say this ever time I post, I feel. But I love 'em. I used a bit of the box and tore and glimmer the ends/sides with wheatfields (my fave colour if you were just gonna get one!) With the bulkiness of cardboard it meant I could hide a pull out pic (you pull the big 'B') and it reveals another pic. I used a past Studio Calico stamp (love 'em all!) I am really loving stamping atm. ;)

Wednesday is also a fabby tv night. The Apprentice at 9pm on itv, Desperate Housewives at 10pm on 4 followed by Shameless, which I have to say is growing on me. I actually cried last night. Some how I have grown a little crush on this guy here:

Oh. My. Freakin. God.

And then I saw the trailer for the film Shifty. It looks pretty cool. And of course any good film needs alittle eye candy... (ok, so he looks abit spooky here. But in the film trailer he looks pretty hot. Rough. hot. You know. *sigh*)

So yesterday I had a pretty good day. And Emily's parents evening went well... as we knew it would. She is now well and truly ready for school. When did my baby grow up?

And now i'm waiting for my pro markers. Yes, I bit the bullet and ordered some. Just kicking myself that I didn't get them at the show... then I could've used them by now! And into my basket slipped some of the kaiser babushka range... and those cute little animals... and more bots! So if they turn up today... I can play with those pens tonight or even when Ben is napping... if i'm lucky. and sometimes. just sometimes Em nods off on Thursday afternoon which will mean peace and quiet and craftyness. Fingers crossed.

Tomorrow i'm in the shop ... hoping that some of the weenie basic grey stamps have come in?!! And preping for my class on Sunday. It's my third family tree class, which I love teaching. It's all abit freestyle and mixed up. And I am busy preping my journo'ing class... which is gonna be a good one.

Now... off to stalk the postie!

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