Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Check this out.

This is my inspo today... JenniferP on scrapinstyle. her gallery is to die for. And her writing. WOW. I wanna be able to write like that. How super, super creative is she???
And LoveLifePaper too she is fabby too.

It's gotten me thinking along with Mole's musings on UKS. When we see all this fabulous creativity... does it make us feel that we would never come up to this standard, so we need not try to? Or does it make you wanna raise your game? It makes me wanna be able to put those beautiful pages together to make MY scrapbook. To document MY life. No matter if anyone thinks it isn't as super fabby as I do (sounds very boasting, sorry ~ it's not meant to be) but it's my life, my pictures and as long as I love it... what does it matter. No one else could do the pictures justice (well, maybe another family member) because I hold the memory, the time it was taken, the feelings it evokes and how I love it so much. Could anyone else do all of that for YOUR photographs, for your feelings and memories?

And I am starting THIS : with avengance. It's SOOO super cool!

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michelle said...

That's so cool! I'm gonna start this too. I love both those girlies work. Lovelivepaper is having a challenge on her blog. Check it out.