Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Creativity and heaps of it!

Not ALL my usual stuff but here goes. I have been creating LOTS and here it is:

An old photo. A very weird old photo. And not my usual style but It kinda means alot to me. I know the pic isn't great. I struggle with time and light! But the its all there.

It's not finished, I have too be in the mood to doodle. I really do. And it has the habit of making me feel v.sleepy because it's so relaxing but here is an old piccie of me when I was 18, very worse for wear... very, very drunk. I wanted to try the scalloped paper as the main sheet, if you get me. I either scrap in mini book/12x12 size and although it's kinda 12x12 I wanted to break out of my comfort zone alittle. Although I love simple scrapping. One colour and a pen! It's truly 'me' this one.
I don't know about this. I kinda think it's lacking. But hey-ho...

This is the only piccie I have of my father's family altogther like this. In fact I only have about three piccies of my father altogether. I'm not sad about it. Not about my father anyhow. I just feel weird about it all. The picture IS supposed to mean something, right??? But it just doesn't. It is like looking in at myself and not actually seeing anything. I think thats why the LO doesn't work too well.
'THE' most favourite of girls I have ever nannied for was Louise (the big one!) Pheobe (next to her) and Hannah (in the rear view mirror of the car) were Louise's half sisters on her Dad's side (pretty cute too!) It's not finished yet but the whole bam pop ponies/unicorns just 'go' with her too. She loved her horses. And the kitsch stars just do it too...

I'm annoyed about this one. I love it. It's me. It's that kinda Shelly Brewer style that I tried hard to use. BUT something leaked on my piccie that wasn't acid free and now I need to re-print the pic cause at his mouth there is some hole thingie going on. hmmphf!

Ah... go see the house full of colour blog! Go see it now! Her doodled buttons are amazing and so is her Esty store. How I would love to go and do one of her classes!!! Go see her now: http://acolorfulhouse.typepad.com/ she is amazing. Her blog is AMAZING! And this LO is dedicated to her FAB stuff.

I have been trying to scrap old piccies - prior to my digital camera and this is one that caught my eye. I think it was taken when I was about 17. Going through my older friends stage. I think ALL girls have them. Well, this was taken at a party at 'pedro's' ~ no idea why we called him this as his real name is Simon Richards. I used to keep a diary then. Filled with teenage angst and boys. Hmmm. I still have them now and think about actually scrapping the whole writing. Maybe typing them onto my laptop somewhere, so they are 'safe' and will last but you know I think I would spend the whole time laughing tooooo much.
Emily is hooked on Nanny McPhee. Every afternoon when Ben goes to sleep she HAS to have it on. I could quiet easily be an understudy to ANY of the characters as I have now seen it probably about 50 times. Surprisingly though, it still makes me laugh. And not only am I subjected to the dvd day in and day out but I also have to 'play' nanny mc phee. Luckily though I am always Evangeline and not the crusty, old trout Aunt Adelaide.
I love Mitch Albom. his books are seriously about real life. The sort of lives you and I lead. His books are soul touching and i'd recommend them to everyone. First off I read 'Tuesdays with Morrie' and that lead me to 'Five people you meet in heaven' and I loved it. I loved them both and I know he has other books, I just haven't gotten round to buying them. Kev got me 'For one more day' which is his newest book. I know it's gonna make me cry. I just know. They always do. Some how he writes about death but not in a morbid way. The way that kinda makes you reflect on your life and count your blessings. I know that this book I have to read, last night inspired this LO. The piccie is crazy. We are wearing wigs. We are being goofy. I had turned 21 on that exact day the piccie was taken. And you know, sometimes I miss my mum more than ever. It's hard to express it on paper. It just is. No matter how much love and goodness I put in to a LO with her in or about her it never is good enough. I guess I wanna say to everyone out there, make the most of the times you have left with loved ones. It is always TOO short, no matter how long they live.

And we are getting rid of this yucky doodie soon. The poor girl is going to be devastated.


Nina said...

OMG! You make things!
Cant wait to see you tomorrow night hun. x x

michelle said...

wow! it's so great to see your work again! I remember those 18 and drunk days! haha.. I love all your pages will totally have to lift them! good luck with the pacie! it took forever to get my oldest off his.. i feel your pain.lol