Saturday, 1 September 2007

Happy Birthday!

Abbeygail having fun...
Ben in a non-crawling to get the dog pose...
Caitlin looking sweet...and dressed as a pink fairy!
My sister, Jill and George in a quieter moment, examining her piccies!
Jessica enjoying her birthday!
The 'hot' Stephanie - posing as usual!

Today (well on the 4th they will be) the twins were four! I remember four years ago visiting Jill in hospital with two little bundles and her eldest only being 11 months! I am so amazed how quickly they grow... and how much they change now I don't get to see them as often as I would like to.

Wow. The party was hectic. As with all parties there were tears, tantrums (Emily did NOT want to leave) but we all had a fabby time. I took a few pics. Not heaps- it was just SO busy. I kinda felt sorry for my sister though as several mums just 'dropped' and went. Personally, I think at four or littler your mum should stay at the party. Especially when the said party mum has three of her own kids under five. I know at our kids parties we always expect mums/dads etc... to stay and enjoy it too... (and the grub and drink... lol!) Maybe it's just me. Maybe thats what 'mums do'. I know nanny-ing I would never of left any of my charges unless the said party mum had said it was ok. I would've always offered to help. Hmmmm. Maybe that is undisclosed party etiquette?!?? Still everyone had a FABBY time. Yay!

And Emily spent the day as Stephanie... (well, Abbeygail had on her dress and Emily wore the wigs until at tea time she piped up... ' cor, mummy! it's just TOO hot'

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