Monday, 24 September 2007


I am slack. I did go up to my sisters on Saturday morning with Emily and left Ben with Kev. It's the first time i'd actually left either of them over night apart from when I had Ben. But I knew for my sanity and stuff that I needed to. And Emily had the best time.
My sisters kids were SO excited too. The first thing any of them said was 'you're having a sleepover in my mummy's bed!' and the girls all giggled. I did however forget my camera in the rush to get out of the door on Saturday but have some piccies on my moby - unsure how to put them on here tho!
Ben was absolutely fine with Kev. Emily was fine, apart from being awake from 1:30am until 3:30am and then my sisters girls waking us at 6:45am with a cup of tea. Sweet but I had far too little sleep!
We left at about 10:30am and i got in to my boy, who had missed me. He spent nearly the whole day clinging to me... just incase I left again. So I did no scrapping at the weekend.

I have a LO planned. Emily has been brought a Spanish fan from her cousins holiday... this morning she saw it and wailed... ' mummmmmmmmmmmmieeeeee I WANT my flan!!' No matter how many times I have told her it's a 'FAN' she still is calling it a flan. Oh well. It is making me laugh.


Nina said...

I am pleased you are ok hun. x x

michelle said...

isn't amazing and hilarious to hear what our kids say. I was staring to miss it when my oldest got older. He talks like a little adult, but I have my 3 year old to keep me entertained.