Wednesday, 5 September 2007


My salvation atm is this which I have already mentioned this week. THIS episode just HAS to be one of my fave's yet. The whole Oliver/Carmella/Elle triangle and the super cute Janae and Ned thingie is so sweet. I am finding salvation in Neighbours atm seens as life is SO hectic.

It seems little is getting done. The whole of the downstairs painting has been finished now. Kevy finished the kitchen last night while I spoke to Jill. She had a pretty bad time on Monday night with her in-laws! They are truly awful sometimes. It's a very long story and one I think is best left unshared (well, some of it anyhow) but needless to say - i'm thinking of her and I know whatever decision she and her Kev come to regarding them and the kids; I know it will be the right one. I'm also happy for her that Abbeygail's first day at school went well (she painted a camel) and her first day working at the play school went well too.

So today i'm trying to do some cleaning and putting stuff back. I know that on Saturday i'll be busy with cooking food and lots of prep and actually going out and buying the stuff. I am going to be SOOOO busy that day and super stressed; rather like I am every year. Luckily this year I think we are having a few less people coming so hopefully it won't be too hectic. I always feel I have no chance to chat to anyone who has made a big effort to travel to us. Which makes me feel bad. This year i'm gonna try and be super organised and make sure I talk to everyone properly.

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