Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Giddy :D

I have had a busy morning! Tuesday now seem to be the day that me and the kiddos 'do stuff'. Today, I really didn't fancy the beach so I decided we'd nip over to Barleylands. I was incredibly brave and just had Benji on his 'leash' (ok, wrist strap) and went to take something back to the shop, pick something up and I got talked into going into the farm. Benji loves the chickens. He is very, very fond of chickens and is getting a slight obsession for them. We also had a long bounce on the bounce pillow and then the trampoline and a play in the sand pit; along with feeding every animal we could... including a very friendly chipmunk :)
Benji screamed the whole walk back to the car when it was time to go home... I'm sure if you had your windows open in Billericay or Wickford, you would've heard him. And then the looks start. It makes me kinda cross because he is two (ok, three in September) just because he looks big, he is still little and he is quiet abit behind Emily in his developement, whether that be 'second child syndrome'/ the fact he's a boy and alot lazier/ or whatever. I just feel like saying 'quit looking, he's having a tantrum, he will get over it!!' Anyhoo, we had a fabby morning/afternoon. :D

Yesterday... I managed to make these few:

This was taken on our meal after Ally Pally on the Saturday night, after walking around for a good half an hour for somewhere suitable. This place was gorgeous inside, built in an old pump house with beautifully tiled walls, ceilings and arches. The meal was pretty good too :)

This has made me all giddy!! ~ Martha Stewart train punches!!! OMG! I just really needed this (and I also got the EK Sucess dino one too!!) It punches perfectly, which surprised me as it is such a weenie and delicate punch. I love it! I feel lots of train cards and LOs coming on.

No picture as yet as I need a suitable one with the kiddos and the copious amounts of brio we own. I might add little photos in the train window too... not sure. I just needed to use the punch!

And this documents my time at L/C. I covered the bottom pic as i'm not sure if its breaching confidentiallity showing a no booked carer to the whole of the blogging world. I'm guessing it probably would. Note Ann's plate that sits at my desk... the 'round tuit' which took me ages to get the joke but now I think its really funny. I'm sure that sometimes I should've been born blonde.
Ok, so off to try and get a certain little boy to have a nap and then I might get alittle punch of those dinos. Have a happy sunny, sunny day!


Nicki said...

FAB layouts, love these

Nic said...

Love your LO's and the train punch looks amazing :)