Friday, 19 June 2009

Studio Calico Scrappiness :D

I feel as if this month my Studio Calico kit has been slightly neglected. It was never meant to be that way... it's just I wanted to catch up with some projects and finish up some too... and tidy up alittle before I got more out (remember that? I still tell my kiddos that but it seems no one listens, even me!) So I hadn't really gotten round to looking in this gorgeous box of yumminess until last night.

Thursdays are ideal scrappy nights, kiddos to bed... supper eaten and then I sculk off upstairs and shut myself away with The Mentalist and my supplies. I had also printed off 11 pages of photographs so I had plenty of subject matter to scrap. This was a piccie I manage to get off my phone earlier in the week...

And I didn't think i'd ever find a use for this stamp included in one of the add ons this month but actually I did and I loved it. There stamps are just so kitsch!

I am also loving all the collage press goodies in the kit too, esp. these journo'ing spots. I love using them together, some flat, some on foam and journo'ing on them all in one big lot. :)

A LO documenting the fact that Ben is a 'Roberts' through and through. I occasionally see alittle of Kev/Lucas' in him but more often than not he is just so much like my side of the family.

This photo called to be scrapped with brown, seens as his face and hands were covered in chocolate! And the apt title... not alot of thought but he was so happy!

I used this wooden token (actually for 10% off) from the previous months kit. Cheating? Maybe. Along with the cool 12" x 12" rub ons, which I have never seen this make before, why??? They are super-de-dooper!

And a little cosmo. It would be rude not to, wouldn't it?

This one, I used a stamp set i've had for a while now. Since last August infact when I went to demo at Fidgeons. I thought i'd use them all the time but tbh i'd actually forgot I had them! That is when you know that you ought to stop buying stamps!!

Again, those cute rub ons. Although i'm not entirely sure about this LO. You know maybe because it's so plain and simple that I feel it's not me. The photos are abit wacky though, as it's near on impossible to get two small kids and one dad on a trampoline to actually stay still/look the right way for a photo. We nearly managed it. Nearly.

I have alot of other stuff to do today, including some ironing. Not much though seens as i've finally caught up with the ironing mountain that was taking over our room. I feel quiet smug about that fact. I love being on top of the laundry as its my least favourite household job.
And the random fact of today is that Northern Uproar have an appreciation group on facebook. Seriously. I just had to join. Memories of a wild youth. :D
I have no work until tomorrow evening :) So tonight, no doubt will be a late night scrapping extravaganza! Whooo hoo! I do have a whole heap of prep work to be getting on with though... and of course next week normal service resumes on the working front.

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