Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Emily has taken to watching Mickey Mouse on Youtube. She asks everyday, while Ben is content with anything really... Kev fed him his tea the other night while Pocoyo was playing; in Spanish. He was very contented... these were the piccies that followed.

Too busy watching, no time for kissing!! Looking a rather hot and sweaty little boy who is in desperate need of a haircut :D Know anyone with the patience of a saint???
I am busy preping for my journo'ing class... I need to print out all of the handouts... in fact one huge long one :) Just tweaking now in between picking Emily up from old school, making lunch for Benji and me and blogging. Right, back to it!


Jayne said...

You busy lady. I appreciate all the effort you are putting into your class. I am really looking forward to it on Sunday. Love
Jayne x

MARION said...

oh the sweetest memories....looking forward to seeing you on friday. xx

Tinkerbelle said...

Hello, so sorry not popped by of recent, but having bad time at work....managed to catch up now, and now feel ashamed as not managing to be as creative as you xxx hope to see you soon xxx