Thursday, 18 June 2009

Productive Mornings.

Ok, I have managed a big fat ZERO on the housework front. But I finished two DT pieces for here... One of these will be shown on the 3rd of July and the second on the 19th... so all is good this morning.

We had a fabby meeting last night, it was great to all catch up and meet Louise, whom I have heard alot about (all good!) and of course hear Marion doing her heavy breathing crafter :D Nina was excited as she is off to Glasto next week and has even brought her tasch!!! We want pics ;)

I have my first journo'ing class a week on Sunday, which is fully booked! I am now getting alittle apprehensive about this seriously. *quake* I want to do it justice and make sure that everyone goes away happy and able to journo whatever they please. I am still bringing together a pretty hefty hand out which will cover everything I hope to talk about and of course it means that you can refer to it at home/crop/where ever. It also gives a heap of ideas on ways to journal. I am pretty excited about that bit :D

Right now though, i'm going to crack on with some twiddley loveliness...

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Fairyqueen said...

It was lovely to meet you to Polly :D I really enjoyed the meet up