Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Right now.

This was us yesterday. We spent a good few hours at the beach. It seems that generally we are all very happy here. And yes, his hair does need cutting desperately... I try and put it off for as long as possible as it is so hard to do. Seriously I have thought about just shaving the lot off but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Here's to hoping he's in a good mood tomorrow and will sit still long enough!

That's Emily right out there... searching for crabs and anything else she can find. She loves it best when the tides in but its far too early for us to get there or far too late... I might try and take her down early on saturday morning as i'm not working until later and let her enjoy the sea alittle more.

And then we took a long walk along the beach... It really is a beautiful place there. It's not all sandy white beaches but I love the open, the breeze, the boats and the fact the kiddos really run around and enjoy themselves. Emily has also taken to collecting shells and she enjoys finding the really cute pretty pink periwinkle ones.
Today, Emily has returned back to 'old-school' which was much to her disgust. Ben and I are at home doing laundry, tidying up, doing puzzles and general sorting! Tonight I am out over to Sugar and Spice for a DT meeting ;) I also want to print out some pictures too... seens as I have learnt how to take them off my phone :) So much to do and so little time!!!

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