Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Picture heavy post

Firstly, so much for the regular blog post, eh??! It seems the week has flew by and it's been a whole week since I last posted. Life is so busy at the moment. Last night we had Emily first school meeting and she is going for the next four Monday afternoons, so she gets used to it. She is really excited and cried this morning when she had to go to 'old' school! I will miss 'old' school alot, although we are hoping that Ben will start either in September or after Christmas. I know he will love it, although i'm not sure they realise he is so much more louder and boisterous than emily ;)

Well, I have been making a few bits.... this mini I started a while back (April, I think?!) with my Studio Calico kit. I finally have gotten round to journalling in it and stamping .... and adding cute rubons and bits. It is far too fat for the bind it all rings I got but I like its fat-ness, it adds to its charm. I love these papers to, so summery although the weather here has taken a turn for the worst :( We have rain yet again today.

I used the effervescence punch on this book (and everything else that stays still long enough!)

And old photographs, some that have made there way onto LO's and others that I just love for the memories. This one is of Ben when he first got 'real' food... ok, baby rice. Since this day he has loved every minute of eating :D

Here's a little hidden one of Nina and the blurry 'ringage' shot. I am still amazed that the scrapbook teacher thought we were nutty talking pics of each other. I was like, what??!! You scrap, you should realise the weird and crazy things we do for our LO's. I still have to put this onto a LO but it looks great in this mini.

A few cute quotes cut from the cosmo strip paper. Oh my. I love cosmo.

An old piccie of mum, as I found an apt quote about it taking more strength to let go rather than cling on. It's good to look back on my journalling about her over the years and see how my perspective on death has changed. How now, I want to celebrate the time we had together rather than greive for her loss. It has been great therapy scrapping her.

A very honest post about someone admitting a crush on you... and how it made me feel good about myself. This boy (ok, man) is a cool friend and even though its been a few years since we have hung out, there is something quiet confidence boosting about being told you're a great person.

One of me at the start of the book documenting my life now. Being hectic with two jobs and two kiddos under 5. Note the grey hairs ;)

The front cover using that punch and my most favouritest thickers in the whole wide world (until the next batch get released).

An old, old pic ( I think I was about 11) in Skegness... on a very, very hot summers day. The photo reminds me of my mums brother who also died young (in fact alittle morbid but all family on my mums side have died before they have reach 60. Scary really) and how we used to go to Skeg on a day trip each summer. This year was particularly hot and I just don't do heat.

I wanted to use some tags as I have a heap of them and seem to never use them. I thought this was a great way to add some journalling to a LO. A LO about mum and her cancer and how after the intial shock and fear. The worst thought was loosing her hair. Which she did and I have documented how much I hated this wig, although at the time I never actually told her as I knew she would be upset. But this wig looked so... 'wiggy' and I really did hate it!

And no, she didn't really have ears like that... it was a Christmas party.

A take on my flower frenzy class and using a few fabric flowers as well as the punch circles to create a large embellie.

A little bit of a controversial title but so true. I think I was a chav for a time. Why?? I have no idea. I think it was just to impress this guy. The photo is mega old though, from Crimbo evening 1998, back when I was 18.

And lastly this one... with up to date photographs from my weekend away in February with Adrienne and Fabbi. I loved this weekend as it was so relaxing and i'm not sure I have laughed so much for a long, long, long time. Fabbi falling through the front door when we arrived was the most funniest moment of the weekend, seconded by Adrienne eating as many mars planets as physically possible.
Right, back to the housework. :(

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