Tuesday, 16 June 2009

This was then...

This was prior to 'operation-scrap-tidy-up' which happened last week. Everything now is slightly more organised, note the slightly in that sentence. Such as it doesn't have a deo can on the side... ;) And I emptied a few more SC boxes, so my whole sheet and scraps sheet paper piles have grown radically.

These side bits need an over haul as I have many half finished projects in bags here that need/ought to be finished up... I just need a whole heap of time to be able to. Time, of course is in short supply!

And I think I want some baskets to fit in a couple of the holes, except it does drastically make those holes smaller... :( There are a heap of chipboard shapes and packets that could do with a big basket to be thrown into.
And I have emptied my cloth tesco bag too... It is on the whole alittle tidier... which is a good thing. And how do you organise alphas?? I have a huge pile which I have to sift through each time... is there an easier way to organise them? I also have a bar and some jars and hanging things to go above but Kev hasn't got round to putting it up yet, I may try myself but i'm not too handy with a drill :lol:
Today, We nipped to Shoebury again. We had an ok time. Ben is just alittle hard work right now that i'm inclined to stay in the whole time until it passes :D Even a chap walking his dogs commented on how I had my hands full. It made me laugh. Yes, I do but sometimes he is just so hillarious... like how he 'weeps' and makes his Bert the Guinea pig noise. *very cute*
Also Kev has agreed to fund my March GoGo retreat :D I am not sure who is going but I will enjoy it all the same. I cannot wait...! I have debated over going to a retreat but having time away from the kids/work is hard. But anyhoo this will be fantastic!
I made time for a classic Shameless last night, how bloomin gorgeous is Jamie?? *yum* and while scrapping and watching tv and drinking rose cider *yum yum* the adverts came on UGLY BETTY is back!!! Whoo hoo, on the 24th of June... another thing I am looking forward too!
Right, off to tidy up as the house has been neglected as we have been out for much of the day... we also have half of the beach on the rug in the lounge...
p.s. its Mary Portas tonight!!


Carmen said...

This is what I'm doing this week. Our dining room resembles a dump more than a dining room so on the scout for solutions. Off up to Ikea for ideas tomorrow (and brekkie *yay!*) Love your wall colour - it's gorgypuss!

Alison5 said...

I'm going to GoGo. Don't know how but I managed to convince dh that I will need to go again in March lol. Looking forward to it, we will have a great time!