Monday, 22 June 2009

More SC Goodness!

I sat down on Saturday night when i'd finished my late shift at L/C (around 10pm) and started on these. I must have been in the company of my mojo that night as I managed 4 LOs. Yes, 4!

I used mainly cosmo on this one, all from my last month SC kit apart from the blackboard which was from a kit a long way back. It just fitted in nicely though...

How cool is this chipboard toast and toaster??!! Oh, I love them! And it's apt for the fact that Ben's favourite food is toast. With butter or cheese... anyway it comes he'll eat it :)

This one is alittle odd, maybe. I took these pics when I last went up to see my sister and went over the the cemetary to put some flowers there for mum and everyone else. Its hard to think it's been over 7 years now since she died. It seems sometimes like it was just yesterday and then others like she hasn't been around for much longer than 7 years.
This one is about documenting the journey back home which between 2000 and 2004 I did at least once every week sometimes 2/3 times. From London/Essex/Cambridge to Leicestershire/Derbyshire. I love driving and miss these times when I used to drive along with the radio up and clear my head.

I had a fairly lighter weekend of work with only doing one shift on Saturday, I am slightly ever so sad to find that one of my colleagues there has taken on a co-ordinator role and so will not be working out of hours any more :( Jodie, I will miss you!
Normal service has been resumed at home, meaning its only me who bothers with washing, ironing, tidying, hoovering and other household jobs. Including rectifying shopping mistakes! I am not happy about this. In fact i'm pretty narked off. And currently i'm re-washing clothes that have been sat in the machine since Saturday night :(
My Sarah's cards kit came on Saturday morning too, I haven't really looked at it properly. I'm not sure that this months is really me. I am debating on cancelling it. Hmm. Decisions.
Today is Emilys second session at 'Big School'! She is so excited :D Oughta go and make lunch for her and Benji before she has to go.

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