Monday, 15 June 2009


Time seems to be in short supply lately. I worked a day less last week (and this, although I am going into work on Wednesday night) but I still only managed to blog once and scrap very little. I have no idea where the time goes atm?!

I had good news on Friday from here about a design team place! I am now officially a member of the Sugar and Spice design team. Whoo hoo!!! I am pretty excited :) We have a meeting on Wednesday night (over cake!) and a good old natter ;) Along with me are Nina, Paula, Sam, Jayne, Louise, Nicki and Nicola. Congrats ladies!! And see you on Wednesday night (apart from the talented Nicola, where Cheshire is alittle too far to travel for a night). I have to admit I did use my stamps last night and will defo be using them again tonight too :D

Well, last week I spent the whole time tidying up. Seriously!! I spent the time on the phone sorting out all those niggling queries/bills/jobs eg. on hold for hours at a time!, ironing (like the whole contents of the kiddos drawers which has been ironed as needed for the past month or so as I have been so busy)our room is clothes free for the moment), tidying up the garden and my scrap space, cleaning up the lounge and bedrooms and bathrooms... and every other left/boring job going. There is still a heap to go. I think peeps don't always realise and think I have unlimited free time to do things for them... I hate the comments about why I haven't done something and feeling I have to justify myself. I think whoa! Life is busy the whole time for me and give me a break :D It makes me angry too how sometimes peeps feel I should prioritise them over other things in my life ;) So this weekend I left no washing to be done and no ironing at all, Today I did a whole basket of ironing which had been washed and dried by Kev the weekend :) I am happy that some peeps listen to me!

After tidying my scrap space up... I found a heap of projects that had been started an age ago and not finished... these were some of them that I kinda finished up... its hard because of the method I use scrapping... just stick down as I go... none of this laying out and rearranging... so they don't work maybe as weel as if I had finished them when I started them...

I love this font though... and I love the american crafts letter sticker books.....

This idea was from someones gallery on SiStv... I can't remember who... but thanks! It was a cool LO and I took the idea for this pic of Ben as a baby on Crimbo day 2006.

This is a pic of Kev from a picnic we had down at Southend... Not sure I like the papers anymore or the LO. I love the picture tho... he might just kill me for posting ;)

This one is such an oldie... when we lived in Derbyshire Twycross Zoo was just down the road... and they have so many chimps/monkeys/apes there. I think the PG tips chimps actually came/went to here. We took Em when she was a baby and lived in this baby bjorn sling... and I remembered seeing this photograph how much I loved this pink duffle coat she had. I loved it so much I brought the next size up too... so she didn't grow out of it so quickly ;)

A very simple LO doucmenting this month for me (she I am pretty busy!) and how obsessional I am over calendars and diaries.

So .... I have had a busy past week. I have a busy week this one too. Emily has her first ever 'big-school' visit and stay/play hour and I am still waiting for my SC kit... right now though i'm off to get a few more jobs done!

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