Thursday, 30 August 2007

Work and parties!

Normally it's the Chirstmas season when people are inundated with parties but for us it's September. It's the twins on Saturday and I have still gotta make them a card each from us and get Emily to make one from her and Ben. It then spirals into a party EVERY weekend until the second weekend in October when one of our nieces turn 7. I cannot quiet believe a year ago today I was begging my baby to get out. It was so hot and I just wanted him here so, so much...

I worked tonight too. It was fairly busy. You know the kind that you're not SUPER rushed or SUPER stressed just a nice kinda steady busy. We always had stuff to do and I got £20 in tips (hooray!!!) We are paid monthly so as yet I haven't seen a penny of my wages but my tips are super cool and are keeping funding all these parties!

On the decorating front- we have a beige (ok, antique satin) hall way and a semi antique satin dining room. Thank god all the glossing is done. I just hate the stuff. But thats done and I rollered the ceiling in our dining room and hall last night a couple of times and that looks really gleaming now. Despite the big long roller pole snapping and the roller covered in paint whacking me, it's all gone well......

I have a class tomorrow at Sandra's (Pandora's papercraft in Basildon- so i'm looking forward to getting out of the house for a while and it will be the only 'crafting' time i'll get anytime soon!!!

Nightie, night. It's late. My feet hurt and my eyes are weary. xxx

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